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Keralan woman writes a true story, completed her secondary studies at age 73

by Rishika Choudhury

Date & Time: Sep 17, 2022 10:00 AM

Read Time: 1 minute

On September 12, 73-year-old drama and film actor Leena Antony wrote the Malayalam examination of the tenth equivalent examination organised by the State Literacy Mission at the Cherthala Government HSS centre. “The examination was easy. I was able to attend 80% of the questions. My habit of learning the dialogues in dramas and films by heart helped me study well,” said.

Her husband late K L Antony and she acted as a couple in Malayalam flick ‘Maheshinte Prathikaram’ which brought them fame. Later, she acted in ‘Jo and Jo’, ‘Makal’, and some other movies. “I had to stop my education at the age of 13 after my father’s death and I had started a career in drama as a child artist and continued in the field for many decades.

Later, I married Antony and had never thought about resuming formal education. Two years ago, after Antony died, my daughter-in-law Maya Krishnan encouraged me to start learning again. I now cherish my decision,” Leena said.

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