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Bihar's government plans to recycle seized liquor bottles and turn them into bangles

by Rishika Choudhury

Date & Time: Sep 09, 2022 8:00 AM

Read Time: 1 minute

The Bihar government has decided to make bangles out of glass from broken liquor bottles. Since 2015, the state has had an alcohol ban; thus far, the police have destroyed bottles seized during searches or raids to discourage illicit alcohol trade.

The Bihar government recently signed an agreement with an Uttar Pradesh-based bangle manufacturing company. The company will teach local women how to make bangles from these bottles.

Initiate will provide income for women and add value to waste

This initiative will not only promote recycling, but will also provide income for women and add value to waste. B Kartikeya Dhani, the state excise and prohibition commissioner, stated that women involved in the Livelihood Mission (Jivika) would be employed in bangle manufacturing units.

Dhani stated that women will be provided with powdered glass from liquor bottles as well as other raw materials needed to make bangles.

According to officials, the Chief Executive Officer of the Livelihood Mission has allocated Rs 1 crore to them for women's training. The officer also stated that a team is already in Farrukhabad for training.

The government has also directed excise officials throughout the state to transport the liquor bottles to Patna, where the unit will be established.

Officials claim that despite the state's total prohibition, liquor is being bootlegged into the state from West Bengal, UP, and even Nepal. The state police seized 3.69 lakh litres of liquor and arrested 31,150 people in August 2022 alone.

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