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Flipkart enters the hospitality industry and begins offering hotel reservations

by Rishika Choudhury

Date & Time: Sep 08, 2022 8:00 AM

Read Time: 1 minute

Flipkart announced on September 6 that it has entered the hospitality industry in order to expand its travel-related products. Flipkart Hotels is a new hotel booking function that has been added to the platform.
According to the website, 3 lakh domestic and international hotels will accept reservations through Flipkart Hotels.

With the help of Cleartrip's API, Flipkart Hotels will gain access to Cleartrip's extensive knowledge of the travel industry and its clients.

Flipkart Hotels on the Flipkart app

“We are excited to launch Flipkart Hotels on the Flipkart app, which will provide access to affordable hotel stays convenient for the customers. Flipkart Flight is on a steady path of growth in the travel industry since we entered this space,” Adarsh Menon, Senior Vice President, Flipkart, said.

“With Flipkart Hotels, we are strengthening our commitment to provide a better experience and superior service to our customers across metros and beyond. With our banking partner’s financial offerings, the customers will unlock great value in this segment and enhance Flipkart’s capabilities as a preferred one-stop shop for the travel booking needs of Indian customers,” Menon further added.

Flipkart stated that with the introduction of hotel services, it hopes to provide its clients with a variety of inexpensive benefits, such as flexible travel and booking-related policies, simple EMI options, and so on, to make travel affordable, as well as budget-friendly options, among others.

This new platform, accessible via the Flipkart app, promises a simple booking process and prompt contact via popular messaging services.

Flipkart Hotels wants to provide better service to its guests in addition to an improved experience and tempting deals.

A dedicated customer service centre has been established to assist clients with user-related questions and to provide a fantastic experience.

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