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Students across country can now take admission in Super-30 from next year; seats in Bihar will increase to 100

by Rishika Choudhury

Date & Time: Aug 31, 2022 6:00 PM

Read Time: 1 minute

Good news for underprivileged students of Bihar who wish to enroll in Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). In fact, Bihar's "Super 30" is now national. ‘Super 30’ is increasing the seats from next year for the underprivileged students across the country. With this, students from across the country will be able to enter ‘Super 30’. In the program conducted by mathematician Anand Kumar, the number of seats will also be increased to 100 from next year. Till now, only 30 talented students from the deprived sections of Bihar could take admission in the free residential coaching program.

Admission will be done through entrance test: Anand Kumar

Anand Kumar said, “Keeping in view the growing demand, Super 30 has decided to expand its reach. From next year, the admission will not be limited only to the students of Bihar but will also be open to the students of other states. The admission process will remain the same, i.e. admission will be done through entrance test.

There is a written exam for admission in Super 30. All the students who pass in this exam are given admission on the basis of merit, that is, after passing the higher the number, the more they will be admitted.

Have decided to go online too: Anand

He said that ‘Super-30 is also planning to admit 100 students in Bihar instead of the existing 30. We have decided to go online after learning lessons from the pandemic days. Anand said that education is the only way through which people can find solutions to problems across the world.

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