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Kerala govt. encouraging marigold farming in Kochi ahead of Onam season

by Rishika Choudhury

Date & Time: Aug 27, 2022 10:00 PM

Read Time: 2 minute

The Kerala government, through its farming department Cheranalloor Krishi Bhavan, has begun promoting marigold flower farming among locals in advance of the Onam festival. The goal is to use the flowers to make floral carpets and other ceremonial decorations for the Onam season.

Normally, Kerala imported the majority of its flowers, particularly marigolds, from neighbouring states such as Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, but this year, the government's farming department Krishi Bhavan has been providing saplings and fertilisers to farmers who wanted to cultivate marigolds for the season.

Project is part of public planning project

Shyja KS, the Agricultural Officer of the Cheranalloor Krishi Bhavan informed that this project is a part of the public planning project.

"Cheranalloor Krishi Bhavan has implemented this project under the joint auspices of Cheranalloor Grama Panchayat and Edapally Block Panchayat as part of the public planning project. This year, because of favourable weather, we were able to start the project in the second week of June. The project was successfully completed and the harvest time coincided with the Onam season," the officer said.

Shyja also talked about how the project was implemented in groups and they are planning to continue it in other areas.

Youth and 'Kudumbashree' workers came forward for cultivation

"We implemented this project in several groups. The youth and 'Kudumbashree' workers came forward for cultivation. We supplied saplings, fertilizers and dolomite to the local farmers. They have been getting orders and I think the sales too would be good in the coming days. We are also planning to continue the cultivation in more areas," the officer told.

The farmers seemed quite satisfied with the results. More than the profit, they talked about mental happiness.

"Firstly, we prepared the soil, then we put the mulching paper. My family has also cooperated with me in this project. Though I am not expecting much profits this year, there is much mental happiness," Prasad, a farmer told.

"Krishi Bhavan provided us with the sapling and fertilizers. They also used to visit us weekly. This year 700 saplings have been planted and the flowers would be booming by the time of Onam," another farmer, Vidhu, said.

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