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Telangana govt's health outreach programme includes free medicines in govt. hospitals

by Rishika Choudhury

Date & Time: Aug 23, 2022 5:00 PM

Read Time: 1 minute

To provide basic health services to the poor, the Telangana government has begun providing free medicines in all of the state's government hospitals.

One such programme is the provision of free medicines to patients in government hospitals.

Dileep, who works as a pharmacist, stated that all drugs (medicines) are available. There are approximately 1300 outpatients who are arriving, and all of them are satisfied. We also perform covid tests and provide covid kits.

5000 tablets given to patients for free

He further added, "Health minister Harish Rao is very supportive and KCR has taken up a great initiative. Every month around 150 deliveries are happening. Around 5000 tablets are given to patients for free. We thank the Telangana government for the services."

Medicines are given for free

Afreen Sultana Golconda hospital, a Pharmacist said, "All the medicines here are given for free. We have medicines for BP, sugar, etc. Around 1100 out patients come every day and on Saturdays and Mondays, more patients come. Medicines are given for free. Thanks to KCR for giving free medicines to the poor."

Mohd Amjad, a patient who came to see the orthopadic doctor, stated that he has back pain, that the treatment is excellent, and that medicines are provided at no cost. Doctors provide personal care, and everything is provided for free, for which I thank CM KCR for providing such good facilities for the poor.

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