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Anant National University Provides BTech Climate Change with MIT Microgrant Option

by Rishika Choudhury

Date & Time: Aug 12, 2022 11:00 PM

Read Time: 2 minute

Anant National University has announced that its four-year undergraduate degree programme, Bachelor of Technology with a specialisation in Climate Change, will join the Solv[ED] community, a programme within MIT Solve. Solve is a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) initiative that promotes long-term solutions from tech entrepreneurs to the world's most pressing problems. All Bachelor of Technology students specialising in Climate Change will be eligible for micro-grants and individualised support from Solve's team. Each year, a total of Rs 400,000 will be disbursed for the launch of social projects related to climate change solutions.

Solv[ED] membership is intended for social impact education leaders, and it assists institutions in supporting young people in learning about and practising social entrepreneurship and innovation. The Bachelor of Technology programme will be part of a growing community of Solv[ED] Members who are dedicated to assisting students in becoming problem solvers in their community and around the world.

Youth Innovation Challenge

Solv[ED] will provide micro-grant funding to AnantU students to assist them in developing submissions for the Youth Innovation Challenge. The Youth Innovation Challenge allows students to submit tech-based solutions for a chance to win prize money and mentorship from the Solve community. In addition to funding, AnantU micro-grant recipients will be invited to participate in Solve-hosted support programming such as workshops, coaching sessions, and office hours.

Gaby Gonzalez, Senior Officer, Solve, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, said, “MIT Solve[ED] is very excited to welcome AnantU’s Bachelor of Technology specialising in Climate Change to the Solv[ED] community. Solv[ED] is a program designed to help young people aged 24 and under both understand complex social and environmental problems and design tech based solutions to those very problems. Over the course of the year the students will have access to a number of workshops, events, challenges and funding opportunities that will guide them in creating solutions that they will be proud of.”

Dr. Miniya Chatterji, Founding Director of the Anant School for Climate Action said, “I am very glad to announce this new, incredibly powerful collaboration between MIT Solv[ED] and our B.Tech. students specialising in Climate Change. Students will learn from, do with, and be inspired by MIT Solv[ED]’s unique program each year that gives them grant money and then coaches them to implement real social and environmental projects. It will motivate our students to dream bigger and equip them with tangible skills to implement impactful projects on the ground.”

BTech in Climate Change programme

Anant National University has recently announced its Bachelor of Technology in Climate Change programme through the Anant School for Climate Action. The market-oriented degree programme prepares students for jobs in industries that must mitigate climate impact, jobs that require climate modelling and analysis, and jobs in government agencies and independent laboratories that conduct climate research. 

This year, the Anant School for Climate Action received 2700 applications from 72 countries. Applications for the Bachelor of Technology with a specialisation in Climate Action are being accepted until August 15, 2022.

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