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State govt to inaugurates Hyderabad's high-tech police command centre

by Rishika Choudhury

Date & Time: Aug 05, 2022 5:00 PM

Read Time: 2 minute

Chief minister K Chandrashekar Rao inaugurated the Telangana State Police Integrated Command and Control Centre (TSPICCC) at Banjara Hills in Hyderabad on August 4. The 20-storey multi-towered building, nicknamed the “third eye", receives footage from CCTV cameras installed all over the state. The swanky structure that is said to be equipped with sophisticated gadgets and a data centre has already become a landmark in the city.

During the inaugural address, the CM emphasised the role of the police in ensuring law and order in the city. “A better police can ensure the safety of citizens. I would not have been speaking here in a safe environment without the help of the police. I salute all police officers for their dedication towards duty," said KCR.

Tower A is a 20-story structure that houses the city police commissionerate, and Tower B is a technology fusion centre that receives data from all over the state from multiple apps, emergency response like Dial 100, social media, and Highways Watch and responds quickly and efficiently. In Tower E, there is an integrated command control centre that serves as a fusion centre to respond uniformly to any emergencies or disasters.

Foundation stone for the building was laid in 2017

The foundation stone for the building which cost a whopping Rs 600 crore was laid in 2017. The chief minister thanked all officials, especially Telangana’s director general of police (DGP) M Mahendar Reddy, for making the state-of-the-art police control centre a reality. He also shared an anecdote on how to achieve excellence in life. The secret is, KCR said, to live fully in the present. “If we are having a meal, we should relish the meal fully while staying in the present. That is the way to tap into all our available resources," said the CP.

The TSPICCC is a green building that spans 6.42 lakh square feet and houses a 480-seat auditorium, media centre, training centres, and conference halls. Solar panels power the structure.

According to officials, the best part of this development is that a portion of the building will be open to the public. There is a museum there that will showcase the Telangana State Police's vision, history, legacy, and activities.

Aside from these, the structure houses sophisticated gadgets, software, and high-performance computing workstations for investigating complex cybercrimes. This building will house the Hyderabad Narcotics Enforcement Wing and the Narcotics Investigation Supervision Wing, which will work to combat drug trafficking and abuse.

“Excellence is an ongoing process. Once we reach one milestone, there is another to achieve. I am sure that with this control centre, Hyderabad police will reach new heights of excellence every day," said the chief minister.

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