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Difficulty Reading in English? Tips and Tricks to Master the Language

by Rishika Choudhury

Date & Time: Aug 04, 2022 9:00 AM

Read Time: 2 minute

Most Indian households, where the mother tongue has traditionally been the preferred language, do not naturally speak English. This inherently makes English as a subject and teaching in a school setting critical. As students return to physical classrooms following the lifting of the Covid-19 pandemic-infused lockdown, it is critical to get them back into the habit of writing in English while also focusing on speaking and reading skills.

Based on Burlington's insights and research over the years, here are some general tips that students can use to improve their English writing skills.

Stay close to your grammar books: Nothing beats staying up to date on grammar rules. It must not only be read but also practised in workbooks or new-age webbooks. Teachers and parents must select high-quality practise books that adhere to international pedagogy while also being aligned with local curriculum standards.

Read a lot, but also listen: One of the most effective ways to improve one's grammar and writing skills is to read. Reading aloud will not only help with retention but will also be a beneficial exercise for improving your cognitive abilities. It is also recommended that you listen to English programmes, podcasts, and audio lectures to expand your vocabulary and improve your overall English fluency.

Avoid shortcuts, do your own research and writing: Avoid copying someone else's ideas. Even if it appears simpler and less impressive, try writing in your own words. Lifting content from the internet is becoming more common; not only is this a serious offence, i.e. plagiarism, but it is also a major impediment to becoming a good writer. Although it may appear archaic, creative writing is one of the most effective ways to stimulate creative thinking, which leads to excellent writing and communication.

Keep it short, clear and straight: Over-explaining everything you write causes boredom, and the point is frequently lost. One of the best ways to keep your readers interested is to practise writing clear and concise sentences. Before you begin writing, you must organise your thoughts in the simplest way possible to ensure that your message is understood by your readers. Reread, question yourself, and look for ways to explain your ideas more lucidly and clearly while eliminating unnecessary words and sentences.

Editing and proofreading: These are the basic steps to improving the quality of your writing. Proofreading your work allows you to spot errors, missing information, and unnecessary words and phrases. You can also ask your friends and/or peers to review your written work if you want to feel confident about it.

These are some simple tips for students to focus on improving their writing skills, which is an important aspect of English language learning. The importance of learning to communicate effectively in English cannot be overstated in today's globalised world. Language acquisition during the formative years of education is proven to last a lifetime, providing learners with fundamental communication skills.

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