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Fashion means Reflection of Personality

by Dr. Kirti Sisodia

Date & Time: Jul 28, 2022 3:42 PM

Read Time: 1 minute

Fashion is not only about trends of clothes, make-up and jewelry. In fact, it’s about the portrayal and enhancement of our personality. Fashion should be about our personal choice and ease yet to look stylish & confident. You should keep these tips in your mind.

1. Find your personal style-

Maybe you don’t know much about fashion, style and color combination but over the years, how you look in certain outfit, style and color you know. Because when you are in ease with your style then only you will become confident.

So, Judge yourself with reality.

2. Wear clothes that fit you-

According to trend never try to wear too lose or too tight clothes.

Well fitted clothes means which fits you comfortably.

3. Respect balance-

As we all know balance is required in every aspect, so as in fashion too. Balance plays an important role, either it could be in terms of color or design. Never mix more than three colors, single color gives a nice reflection and try to not mix too many designs as well.

4. Play with color-

There are N numbers of colors as now we can make our own colors through dying. You can try solid colors, pastel shades accordingly.

5. Recognize the power of accessories-

In my opinion, confidence is the best accessory which you can put. After that you can add some other accessories also like: belt, necklace, scarf etc. according to your personality, occasion, season and comfort. 

Like you can wear simple cotton suit or saree with oxidized or silver jewelry it adds value.

6. Never follow trends blindly-

Every individual is unique. Everyone has their own strength, know yourself and enhance accordingly.

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