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Anant National University introduces Masters of Architecture Course

by Rishika Choudhury

Date & Time: Jul 22, 2022 10:00 PM

Read Time: 1 minute

Anant National University has launched a master's degree programme in architecture. The two-year, full-time postgraduate programme aims to bridge the theoretical and practical gaps in architecture. According to the institute, students can learn theories to explore new ways of thinking in architecture, develop pioneering design projects, and redefine forms of architectural practise. The application deadline is July 24 at anu.edu.in.

Masters of architecture programme

The programme is intended to build a critical lens to redefine and reimagine architecture as a synergy of history, theory, and practise for students with an architectural background. The programme will also assist in developing a critical understanding of theories and making genuine social contributions through the medium of architecture. According to the institute, the course is constructive, collaborative, reflective, and inquiry-based.

The MArch programme will allow students to consolidate their formative education and practise experiences by developing a deeper, more critical understanding of architecture and its application through reading histories, theories, and futures.

Facilities provided to students in second year

In the second year, students will investigate and express the role of advanced technology in architecture, and they will be encouraged to curate content through research and design in order to voice their opinions. According to the institute, the pedagogy will push students to strive for their original thoughts with a solid academic backing of existing concepts and how they can build further ahead.

Speaking on the launch, Ar Rajeev Kathpalia, Chair Professor, School of Architecture, AnantU and Partner, Vastu Shilpa Consultants said, “With Climate change, rapid changes in technology, growing use of artificial intelligence and the consequent changes in social structures, architects will need to be better equipped to deal with this emerging world. The Anant University masters programme - Theory and Practice aims to offer students a critical lens to redefine and reimagine architecture as a synergy of theory and practice, through scholarship in the fields of social sciences and technology and to redefine practice as a process of developing a collective responsibility towards society.”

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