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Odisha Provides over 4.75 Lakh Quintal of Certified Seeds to Farmers

by Rishika Choudhury

Date & Time: Jul 22, 2022 11:03 AM

Read Time: 1 minute

On July 20, the Odisha government informed the Assembly that the seed replacement rate for paddy in 2021-22 was 32.92 percent, and that the government had distributed over 4.75 lakh quintals of certified seeds to farmers.

In response to a question from BJD member Amar Prasad Satpathy, Minister of Agriculture and Farmers Empowerment Ranendra Prasad Swain stated that the State's estimated need for paddy seeds for the kharif season of 2022-23 is 13,27,760 quintal, with 4,75,244 quintal already distributed to farmers.

Odisha State Seeds Corporation

The Odisha State Seeds Corporation (OSSC), according to the Minister, has received registrations from nearly 5,200 farmers in the state for the production and distribution of certified paddy seeds. The government has awarded contracts to a few private companies to supply high-quality paddy seeds.

In response to the opposition's claim that seeds provided by commercial agencies are failing to germinate, the Minister stated that the government has not yet received any reports of seeds delivered to farmers failing to germinate.

In another case, dairy farmers from Odisha emptied tonnes of milk onto the streets near the Odisha Assembly to protest the imposition of GST on dairy products such as pre-packaged and pre-labeled curd, 
cheese, lassi, and buttermilk.

Farmers gathered in the streets of Master Canteen Square and dumped milk from massive cans while carrying banners calling for the repeal of the GST on dairy goods and other necessities.

Farmers yelled "Modi sarkar down down," "Gabbar Singh tax nehi chalega," and "Grihasthi sarvnaash tax wapas karo" as they demanded that the GST, which is currently 5% on milk and other necessities, be repealed immediately.

According to sources, the OMFED will soon announce a price increase for milk products due to the 5% GST increase on milk and dairy products.

Many others showed up to show support for the cause, drawing attention to the protest from the general public.

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