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World Plastic Bag Day 2022: Aware about harms and effects of plastic bags on mother nature

by Rishika Choudhury

Date & Time: Jul 12, 2022 7:00 AM

Read Time: 2 minute

People celebrate Paper Bag Day every year on July 12. It's a day set aside to promote the use of paper bags in place of plastic ones. The usage of plastic has grown so much in recent years that both air and water pollution are at their highest levels. It is among the things that are most detrimental to our ecosystem. Paper bags are now more commonly used as a result of the harm that plastic bags cause to the environment.

World paper bag day 2022: History

Francis Wole, an American inventor, created the first paper bag machine in 1852. In addition, Margaret E. Knight created another machine in 1871 that could create paper bags with flat bottoms. She rose to fame and earned the moniker "mother of the grocery bag." Charles Stillwell created a machine in 1883 that could create paper bags with a square bottom and pleated sides that were simple to fold and store. 

Walter Dübner reinforced a paper bag and added a carrying handle in 1912 by using a rope. Numerous innovators have improved paper bag manufacturing over the years.

World paper bag day 2022: Significance

The significance of paper bag day is to make people aware and make them understand the harms and effects of plastic bags on mother nature.

Plastic bags are not quickly decomposable and biodegradable. If we want to decompose plastic, it is going to take 10000 years, after which the soil will also be affected.

Paper bags are made up of wood which is very easily recyclable, decomposable and biodegradable and also does not affect the soil as badly as how much plastic does.

World plastic bag day 2022: Theme

The theme for 2022 plastic day is “If You’re ‘fantastic’, Do Something ‘dramatic’ To Cut The ‘Plastic’, Use ‘Paper Bags’. Make every effort to reduce, reuse, and recycle plastic bags. Avoid using plastic bags in favor of paper bags. We have to use paper bags to preserve our nature and plants for future generations.

Advantages of paper bags

There are numerous advantages of using a paper bag instead of a plastic bag which are written below.
• Paper bags are easily decomposable
• Paper bags are recyclable and reusable.
• They are eco-friendly.
• They do not leave any toxins which can harm nature.
• They are made from recycled material.
• They cost-friendly.

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