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Biesse India collaborate with IIID Bengaluru to organize a workshop on Design Concepts

by Rishika Choudhury

Date & Time: Jul 04, 2022 5:00 PM

Read Time: 2 minute

Biesse India, the global woodworking machine manufacturer based in Bengaluru, in collaboration with the IIID (Institute of Indian Interior Designers) Bengaluru, hosted a Master Series workshop featuring Giuseppe Morando, an Italian architect known for his successful global projects, and Jayanth Gopal, the man behind many award-winning projects in the United States, Middle East, and India.
The event was held on July 1, 2022, at Hotel Shangri-La which saw participation from more than 150 architects and interior design firms in Bengaluru.

Further elaborated on key points by drawing commonalities

The conversation began as an impromptu conversation between two architect friends, with Guiseppe explaining the structure of some of the projects he and his team designed. They expanded on key points by drawing commonalities between universal design ideas across geography, culture, and aspirations.
Biesse India recognised a lack of awareness regarding the quality of execution by manual methods versus modern technology, processes, and software solutions available, and thus collaborated with Giuseppe to conceptualise and produce a masterpiece using their software and machinery to demonstrate the capabilities of technologies in bringing complex designs to life.

IIID served as the ideal platform to emphasise design concepts

With IIID being a true representative of interior designers within the country and globally, it served as the ideal platform to emphasise design concepts.
Biesse India said, “We at Biesse India identified the need to create an ecosystem to create awareness about the latest technology available and IIID with its expansive reach proved to be an ideal platform to promote design concepts. We primarily wanted to create awareness of the processes available to give physical shape to creative ideas in wood, glass, stone and other materials.”

About Biesse Group

Biesse Group is a multinational technology company that specialises in the processing of wood, glass, stone, plastic, and metal. Biesse India is a direct subsidiary of Biesse Group and the company's only production site outside of Italy. Biesse Group creates, manufactures, and distributes machines, integrated systems, and software for furniture, door/window frame, and construction, shipbuilding, and aerospace manufacturers.
The company invests 4 per cent of its annual revenue in research and development and has registered over 200 patents. It operates through 12 industrial sites, 39 branches, 300 agents, and selected dealers, exporting 85 per cent of its production. Biesse India itself exports to more than 70 countries across continents. Founded in Pesaro in 1969 by Giancarlo Selci, Biesse Group has been listed in the STAR segment of the Italian Stock Exchange since June 2001. It currently has 4000 employees around the world.

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