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Instagram tests new options, users can verify their age on the platform

by Rishika Choudhury

Read Time: 1 minute

On June 23, Instagram announced that it is exploring new ways for users to verify their age on the platform, starting with people United States.

The photo-sharing service owned by Meta Platforms Inc said it is testing two new ways to verify a person’s age, in addition to allowing them to upload their identity proof online.

”When we know if someone is a teen (13-17 years), we provide them with age-appropriate experiences like defaulting them into private accounts, preventing unwanted contact from adults they don’t know and limiting the options advertisers have to reach them with ads,” Erica Finkle, director of data governance at Meta, said in a blog post.

Instagram partnered with Yoti

Instagram said it has partnered with Yoti, a company that specializes in online age verification to ensure users’ privacy.

How it will work

Users can upload a video selfie to verify their age, after which Yoti’s technology estimates their age based on facial features. Both Meta and Yoti will delete the image once the age has been verified, Instagram said.

Another option is for people to select three mutual followers to confirm the user’s age, and the person vouching must be at least 18 years old.

The move comes after Instagram paused the launch of Instagram Kids in 2021, after receiving criticism and opposition for the project.

Instagram Kids was advertised as requiring parental consent to join and as offering ad-free, age-appropriate content. However, US politicians and advocacy groups pushed the firm to abandon its launch plans due to safety concerns.

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