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Headphone: Know what, when and how much eaten, also know the calorie intake

by Rishika Choudhury

Date & Time: May 12, 2022 9:00 PM

Read Time: 2 minute


• Know when ,what and how much we have eaten
• Helpful in diet control
• 99% accuracy in liquid food and 97% in solid food

NIT team of Raipur made a headphone with the help of which you can able to know what and how much you have eaten, the time of eating and how much calorie you have taken.

Help to control gaining weight

Mo Imroz Khan , research scholar of Electronics and communication department said, normally we don’t able to monitor our food intake . Now to solve this problem we made a special headphones. We have to wear this in our neck and we can able to know when ,what and how much we have eaten. This device not only records the things but also time to time suggests when we have to take food. Along with Health management this device is helpful in diet control also. This can help in controlling weight gain and other related diseases .

Accuracy of the device

Imroz khan said that they faced difficulty in research due to Covid. To check the accuracy of the device, ethical committee of NIT gave approval. Then data research have been made on more than 20 people. We kept 16 types of food items. We get 99% accuracy in liquid food and 97% in solid food .To make this device, cost Rs 35000.

After mothers accident, idea came to make this device

Research scholar Mo. Imraz Khan said “ My mother Zahira khan was a retired principal. Once she was an exam controller. While going to police station to collect the papers she fall down and met with an accident. She had diabetes and she took the medicines without taking the meal because of which she fall down there. Then I felt the need for a device to guide. After that incident the idea of making this device came .An app is also made for this to share the reports and been saved in a cloud. 3 and a half years been spent to make this device.

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