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A mother-son team turns a family recipe for nourishing laddus for new mothers into a Rs 2 crore business

by Shailee Mishra

Date & Time: May 07, 2022 4:00 PM

Read Time: 2 minute

"Ayurveda is in her blood," says Alpana Tiwari, who comes from a family of practicing vaidyas (traditional Ayurvedic practitioners).

Her father worked as a Government Vaidya in Modak, a town in Kota, where she was born.

Her father was then transferred to Rajasthan's Chomu district, where she grew up.

To preserve everything she had learned from her father,

The journey

She founded Nuskha Kitchen in 2019 with a Rs 20,000 investment.

Month after month, what began as catering for 100 pregnant women has grown to over 1,000.

Her plan was also to become a Vaidya which is why she chose Sanskrit as her subject.

When she was a teenager, however, she felt compelled to pursue other interests."

Returning to the beginning

Alpana began assisting other pregnant and new mothers in her area after she had gone through two deliveries. "She found that almost none of them knew what the traditional food they should eat. Even if they did, none of them had the time or desire to make it. From her kitchen, Alpana began making nutritious laddus and simple meals for these women."

She began assisting other women at the request of Dr. Santosh Yadav, a gynecologist who assisted her in the delivery of her daughter. "She was the one who encouraged me to do it and fulfill my desire to help others," Alpana says. It all began as a pro bono project.

Those who wanted laddus delivered would send the ingredients to her, who would make them and return them.

Alpana says It was never about how much money I could make from my job; it was always about my desire to help pregnant and new mothers. That energized me.

She finds peace in making laddu for pregnant mothers

Even today, when I make the laddus and hand them over, I feel sukhoon. "I sleep so well on those nights, knowing that I made a small difference in someone's life," Alpana says.

"Nuskha Kitchen is an excellent place that can customize orders as per your requirements," says customer Subhash Nayyar. I had vegan laddus made for my daughter-in-law, and Alpana Ji made everything in almond oil for her. She took care of all of our needs."

Viral joined his mother in managing and running Nuskha Kitchen

Family members were not pleased with this decision. "Many of them couldn't understand why I would leave my job in IT to join my mother in making and selling laddus," Viral says. He was convinced, however, that there was room for expansion and took the risk.

But now the mother-son duo is in demand. Nushka Kitchen aims to close at Rs 2 crore this year, and Viral claims that they are on track to do so.

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