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Learn organic farming from a duo who has taught over 8000 farmers at their Jaipur farm

by Shailee Mishra

Date & Time: Apr 30, 2022 8:00 PM

Read Time: 1 minute

When Indra Raj Jat and Seema Saini, both from Jaipur, Rajasthan, finished their schooling in 2017, their parents wanted them to find work. However, they had opposing notions about what they should do next.

Seema completed her MSc while Indra completed his BSc at the same college, and they had the same vision. As a result, they decided to establish their business by integrating integrated agriculture and agro-tourism.

They rented around a half-hectare of property in Rajasthan's Khora Shyamdas hamlet and began sustainable farming and animal husbandry, which comprised chicken farming, goat rearing, cow rearing, camel rearing, and other activities. The farm also promotes agro-tourism, with tourists staying in mud cottages inspired by Rajasthan's traditional villages.

Last year, their flourishing agri-business made roughly Rs 35 lakh in revenue

The duo registered their effort as an NGO four years ago, after realizing the need for sustainable agriculture and agro-tourism. Since then, they've trained hundreds of farmers in organic and integrated farming, as well as encouraged them to pursue agro-tourism opportunities.

A Mission for Sustainable Agriculture and Agro-Tourism

Many people cautioned them against going into agriculture, claiming that it would be unprofitable. "We both come from agricultural families and studied agriculture," Indra explains, "so we had a decent concept of farming and how to go about it." However, we never imagined it would be so successful. We also saw the potential of agro-tourism through our enterprise and began marketing it."

The couple uses integrated farming techniques to raise a variety of vegetables, fruits, medicinal plants, and grains such as bajra, barley, and wheat.

"Because we follow a sustainable agricultural approach, we prepare everything on the farm, from animal feed to farm manure." As a result, we don't have to go out for anything," Indra explains. Aside from farming, the couple promotes agro-tourism, entertaining around 50 guests per month, according to Seema, who adds that all of the farm's produce is sold on the premises.

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