The central idea behind One Nation, One Election (ONOE) is to align the timing of Lok Sabha (national) and State Assembly elections across all states.

ONOE aims to reduce the frequent electoral cycles throughout the country.

Conducting elections involves significant expenses. ONOE would reduce costs by streamlining personnel requirements.

Elected governments and ruling parties could concentrate on governance rather than preparing for frequent elections.

The Model Code of Conduct, enforced during elections, often leads to policy paralysis. ONOE would mitigate this issue by having fewer election cycles within a five-year tenure.

Implementing ONOE requires amendments to the Constitution and other laws.

Articles 83 and 172 guarantee five years to elected Lok Sabha and Assembly, respectively, “unless sooner dissolved.” These articles would need modification.

Articles 85(1) and 174(1) limit the intervening period between sessions of the House of the People and State Legislative Assemblies to six months.