Horseshoes are primarily used to protect a horse’s hooves from excessive wear and tear.

 They prevent the hooves from wearing down too quickly, especially when horses walk on hard surfaces like roads

 Horseshoes have been used since ancient times. Initially, they were made of materials like leather or plant fibers.

Horseshoes are often considered symbols of good luck and protection.

Their shape resembles a crescent moon, which has been associated with positive energy and blessings.

Hanging a horseshoe over a doorway or in a stable is believed to bring good fortune and ward off evil spirits.

Horseshoes are typically made of steel or aluminum.

Some superstitions suggest that iron horseshoes are more effective in attracting luck

The horseshoe is usually nailed to the hoof using specialized nails.

In various cultures, horseshoes are believed to bring prosperity, fertility, and protection.

Some people hang horseshoes with the open end facing upward to catch and hold positive energy.