The Ganga River is considered the most sacred river in Hinduism.

Hindu scriptures like the Puranas mention the Ganga's ability to purify sins and aid in the attainment of moksha (liberation).

Immersing ashes in the Ganga is believed to liberate the soul of the deceased from the cycle of rebirth.

It is thought that the Ganga's sacred waters help the soul on its journey to the afterlife.

Immersing ashes in the Ganga is a symbolic act of connecting with this divine purification.

It marks the completion of the final rites and is an integral part of the funeral rituals.

Families believe that the soul of their loved one will find peace in the sacred waters of the Ganga.

Rivers and water bodies are seen as natural, purifying elements. Immersing ashes in the river symbolizes the return of the body to nature, continuing the cycle of life.