Project Nimbus is a cloud computing project initiated by the Israeli government and its military.

The project aims to provide an all-encompassing cloud solution for various entities, including the government and defense establishments.

Four planned phases constitute Project Nimbus: Infrastructure setup: Purchasing and constructing the cloud infrastructure.

Policy formulation: Crafting government policies for transitioning operations to the cloud.

Migration: Moving existing operations to the cloud. Optimization: Implementing and fine-tuning cloud operations1.

Under a $1.2 billion contract, technology giants Google and Amazon were selected to offer cloud computing services to Israeli government agencies.

These services include artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities.

Notably, the terms of the contract forbid Amazon and Google from halting services due to boycott pressure and also prohibit them from denying service to specific government entities.

However, Project Nimbus has faced criticism from shareholders and employees of these tech companies.