Non-Basmati Rice | Quantity Exported: 17,786 million metric Tonnes (MMT)

India's non-Basmati rice is renowned for its versatility and nutritional value. With its consistent quality, Indian non-Basmati rice continues to be a major export.

Buffalo Meat | Quantity Exported: 1,175.9 MMT

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Renowned for its quality and taste, Indian buffalo meat is a significant export commodity contributing to global protein consumption.

A fundamental grain in global diets, Indian wheat is recognised for its high protein content, Indian wheat contributes significantly to addressing the global demand for staple food products.

Wheat | Quantity Exported: 4693.3 MMT

India's maize exports play a pivotal role in meeting global demands for animal feed, food processing, and various industrial applications.

Maize | Quantity Exported: 3453.7

Miscellaneous Preparations | Quantity Exported: 826.4 MMT

Miscellaneous Preparations encompasses a diverse range of products, including Dried Soups and broths, soft drink concentrates, ice cream, edible ice, Sauces and ketchup, Pan Masala, Betel Nuts, Mineral waters, Malt, Custard powder, Lemonade, and more. India's export of miscellaneous preparations reflects the nation's culinary diversity and innovation.

Groundnuts | Quantity Exported: 668.9 MMT

Indian groundnuts are known for their rich taste and nutritional value. They are a much sought-after commodity in international markets.

Cereal Preparations | Quantity Exported: 480.4 MMT

India has increased its share in cereal and cereal preparation products in the international market.

Pulses | Quantity Exported:775.0 MMT

India's export of pulses addresses the global need for protein-rich vegetarian options. Renowned for their nutritional benefits, Indian pulses contribute to a well-balanced and sustainable global food supply.

Processed Vegetables | Quantity Exported: 410.4 MMT

The export of processed vegetables caters to international demand for convenient, ready-to-use products.