Who was D.B. Cooper?

An unknown man who hijacked a Boeing 727 in 1971, demanded ransom, and parachuted mid-flight.

How did the hijacking happen?

Cooper boarded the plane, claimed to have a bomb, and demanded $200,000.

How did he escape?

He parachuted out over Washington state after receiving the ransom money.

What happened to him?

His body was never found, and the FBI closed the case in 2016.

Theories abound

Some believe he died, others think he's living a secret life. Was he a government agent or just a desperate man?

Why is it so captivating?

The unsolved nature of the case fuels speculation and creative theories.

Media frenzy

The case has been covered extensively in books, articles, and TV shows.

Pop culture impact

D.B. Cooper references appear in movies, TV shows, songs, and even poems.

Current status

The case is officially closed, but public interest remains high.