ISRO achieved a major milestone by successfully landing ‘Pushpak’, an SUV-sized winged rocket, on a runway in Karnataka.

This marks India’s bold attempt to enter the reusable rocket segment.

‘Pushpak’ is often dubbed as the “swadeshi space shuttle.” It aims to make space access more affordable and sustainable for India.

‘Pushpak’ used its brake parachute, landing gear brakes, and nose wheel steering system to land precisely on the runway.

The Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) concept behind ‘Pushpak’ involves making the upper stage of the rocket reusable. This upper stage houses expensive electronics and can be safely brought back to Earth.

In the future, it could even refuel in-orbit satellites or retrieve satellites for refurbishment, contributing to minimizing space debris.

ISRO aims to revolutionize space access and contribute to sustainable space exploration.

‘Pushpak’ represents India’s futuristic approach to reusable launch vehicles, and its successful landing brings us closer to more affordable and sustainable space endeavors.