As per reports, in IPL 2024, the Decision Review System (DRS) will be replaced with a new system.

This new system is called the Smart Replay System (SRS), which is an updated version of DRS.

The introduction of this system aims to assist umpires in making quicker and more accurate decisions.

The TV umpire will receive inputs directly from two Hawk-Eye operators who will be in the same room as the umpire.

These operators will provide images captured by Hawk-Eye’s eight hi-speed cameras placed across the ground.

The TV broadcast director, who used to be the intermediary between the third umpire and the Hawk-Eye operators, will no longer be involved.

For instance, in the case of a relay catch taken mid-air by the first fielder on the boundary rope, the split screen can show the umpire when the ball was caught, or released, alongside synchronized footage of the feet.

Similarly, for overthrows, the system can determine whether the batters had crossed or not when the fielder released the ball.

The Smart Review System also enhances stumpings by providing the TV umpire with tri-vision footage from side-on cameras and front-on angles in a single frame, ensuring accurate decisions