Take your business to the next level by attracting new customers with Google Ads. Here's a beginner-friendly guide to get you started in 10 easy steps

Sign up for Google Ads and consider switching to "Expert Mode" for more control over your campaigns.

Identify your objective. Do you want more website traffic, phone calls, or online sales? Google Ads offers specific campaign types for each goal.

Set the stage for your campaign by defining its name, targeting location (where you want your ads to show), and target languages.

Determine your daily budget, the maximum amount you're willing to spend each day on the campaign.

Choose how much you're willing to pay for clicks on your ad. Google Ads offers options like automatic or manual bidding.

Research relevant keywords people might search for to find your products or services. Utilize the Google Keyword Planner tool for suggestions.

Write clear and attention-grabbing headlines and descriptions for your ad. Highlight what makes your business unique.

Boost your ad by adding extensions like your phone number or location. This gives users more reasons to click on your ad.

Choose which devices (phones, computers, tablets) you want your ads to appear on.

Design a user-friendly landing page that delivers on the promises made in your ad. This is where users will be directed after clicking your ad.