May the sweetness of jaggery, the beat of the dhol, and the festival of Lohri bring a symphony of joy to your life!

May your dreams sparkle like Lohri sparklers, and the bonfire ignite your luck!

Burn your sorrows in the Lohri fire, and embrace the new year with colors of happiness!

With a shower of rewdi and crackling popcorn, let everyone celebrate Lohri with gusto!

May the sun's rays be beams of hope, and may Lohri bring sweet waves to your life!

Let the fragrance of Punjab, the earth's cheer, and the festival of Lohri erase every trace of sorrow!

May the rising smoke touch the sky, let happiness return, and may Lohri unite everyone!

May the bonfire's light illuminate the night, may your dreams take flight, and may you draw a new path, embracing the vast sky

Let songs be shared, drums be played, let the Lohri fire blaze, and may every heart, body, and soul dance away all sorrows and troubles!

May every face be painted with the colors of Lohri, and may this holy festival bring a spring of happiness!