In 2024, OpenAI's SORA will emerge as a groundbreaking AI model that creates realistic and imaginative videos based on text instructions. 

While it's not yet universally available, the potential it holds is fascinating. 

This technology is poised to revolutionize how people create and share online videos, enabling them to monetize their creative ideas effectively.

Here are some ways to earn money through freelancing with OpenAI SORA:

Video Production Services: Utilize SORA to produce videos as per clients' text instructions, charging fees for your services.

Apply for Freelance Jobs: Apply for freelance jobs requiring expertise in OpenAI SORA, such as SORA consultants and prompt engineers, available on platforms like Upwork.

Create and Sell Stock Videos: Generate stock videos capturing scenes or cityscapes using OpenAI SORA. If you want, you can sell stock videos on websites like Adobe Stock, and Shutterstock.

YouTube Channel and Social Media Content: Employ OpenAI SORA to create videos for your own YouTube channel or social media accounts. Earn revenue through advertisements or sponsorships.

Offer Video Editing Services: Provide video editing services using OpenAI SORA. You can enhance existing videos, expand them, or fill in missing frames.

OpenAI SORA is a powerful tool, albeit with limitations such as struggling to accurately replicate complex physical scenes and understanding specific examples of cause and effect. 

However, as technology continues to improve, more opportunities for income generation will arise. Whether creating videos for clients or producing your content, OpenAI SORA can be a valuable tool for earning money through freelancing.