In every generation, there is someone who fulfils his dream of becoming a billionaire. This generation also has a billionaire who is fulfilling his dream through AI, let's know who he is. How is this dream going to be fulfilled?

29-year-old Matti Staniszewski worked in finance for a while after finishing college, but when he realized that he should work in software, he joined BlackRock Company, where he...

 Spent fourteen months modelling structured products and working on the Aladdin Wealth platform. After this, after working for four years at Palantir, he left his job at the age of 27 to live his dream.

Staniszewski founded an AI company, and within two years, the company's valuation reached $ 1 billion.

Staniszewski's ElevenLabs is about using AI to generate voices for videos. It can be used to dub movies. which makes your work easier

What's more, it can be used to create "verified" versions of your voice and sell them for a fee. It can be used to clone voices, replace voices, and create "bespoke" voices.

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If you also want to join Staniszewski, then you have a golden opportunity who left his job at the age of 29 and founded the company.

So think, when at this age they can leave their job and start a company, then why can't you? But you should first do a financial risk analysis for this. Connect with us to learn more