Read through the entire slide to discover lesser-known stories from the Maratha legend!

By Shubhendra Gohil

Hidden Rajput Roots

Do you know? Shivaji Maharaj, although associated with the Marathas, traced his lineage to the powerful Sisodia clan of Rajputs! This lesser-known fact adds a fascinating layer to his identity and legacy

Tamil Nadu Connection

Wonder! Ekoji, one of Shivaji's half-brothers, founded the Thanjavur Kingdom in Tamil Nadu. This unique relationship highlights the widespread influence of the Marathas beyond Maharashtra.

Childhood in Bangalore

interesting! The young Shivaji spent a part of his early years in Bangalore, then known as Punavadi. This experience likely shaped his understanding of diverse cultures and geographies.

Sacrifice of a heroic brother and sister

Bravery Unveiled! When Shivaji was imprisoned by Aurangzeb, another half-brother, Hiroji Farzand, replaced him in Agra. This selfless act paved the way for Shivaji's courageous escape.

Champion of Reconstruction

Motivational! Contrary to the popular narrative, Shivaji encouraged and supported Hindu converts to return to their faith. This progressive stance speaks volumes about his respect for individual choice and religious freedom.

Challenge to the Jagirdari system

A bold move! Shivaji abolished the Jagirdari system, where land was given to rich people in return for loyalty. This challenged the existing power structure and angered some Maratha leaders, demonstrating his commitment to reform and centralized rule.

 Initial Capital

Interesting twist! While Raigarh is often identified as Shivaji's capital, his first choice fort was Rajgarh. This historical trivia sheds light on the strategic ideas and plans developed.

The Power of Money

Economic foresight! Shivaji issued his currency, "Shivaraya", which strengthened his economic independence and strengthened his authority. This move was a symbol of the self-reliance and financial strength of the Maratha Empire.

Architect of Pune

Beyond the battles! Shivaji, along with his advisor Dadoji Konddev, played an important role in developing Pune from a small village to a prosperous city. This contribution reflects his approach to infrastructure and urban planning.

Bloodless Victory at the Age of 14

Tactical genius! Shivaji's first victory, at the young age of 14, was achieved without bloodshed. This remarkable achievement highlights his early talent for negotiation and strategic thinking.