Finland: With a happiness score of 7.804, Finland holds the title of the happiest country in the world.

Denmark: Denmark follows closely, maintaining its reputation for well-being and contentment.

Iceland: Known for its stunning landscapes and strong social support systems, Iceland ranks high in happiness.

 Israel: Israel’s citizens experience a sense of community and mutual trust, contributing to their overall happiness.

Netherlands: The Dutch enjoy a high standard of living and robust social support networks.

Sweden: Sweden’s quality of life, healthcare, and social connections contribute to its happiness ranking.

Norway: A country with breathtaking natural beauty, Norway also excels in social support and life expectancy.

Switzerland: Known for its prosperity and stability, Switzerland consistently ranks among the happiest nations.

Luxembourg: Luxembourg’s citizens benefit from strong social bonds and economic well-being.

New Zealand: New Zealand rounds out the top 10, with its friendly communities and beautiful landscapes.