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Positivity is life and negativity is a gradual recourse to end. As we know our brain is controlled by 19 million neurons in the brain and any disruption in their proper functioning of our mind and body. Any negative thinking has its chain effect like depression to organic failure to suicidal effect which is not desirable for individuals as well as society at large and it is necessary for a good Samaritan to step in as rescuer.

I consider ‘seepositive.in’ portal is extremely helpful at this pandemic juncture. The site includes many relevant must read topics that are doing yeomen service to pull up the mass that may already have been suffering from many negative aspects of life given the present circumstance of Covid 19.

The site realizes the need of the hour since no circumstance is permanent. The credit definitely goes to Dr. Kirti Sisodia, Editor. Its remarkable contribution with a humane and benevolent approach is highly appreciable. I wish for wider viewership and more and more prosperity of the site.