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Posts about: organic farming

Organic Farming: UP farmers growing indigo with 70% less water

A group of farmers near Lucknow successfully grew indigo while using 70% less water than usual.

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Do you know How Sikkim became first organic state in the world

Sikkim is the "world's first organic state," according to the World Book of Records in London.

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PM Modi urges farmers to use natural farming to target international markets

On July 10, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged farmers to practise natural farming and meet demand...

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Hydroponics Farming: Man planted 10,000 plants without soil in his Three-Story Building

Ramveer is a former full-time journalist who live in a native of Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh, has...

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Himachal Pradesh farmers will train their counterparts in other states for natural farming

Farmers in Himachal Pradesh who have successfully practised natural farming

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Learn organic farming from a duo who has taught over 8000 farmers at their Jaipur farm

When Indra Raj Jat and Seema Saini, both from Jaipur, Rajasthan, finished their schooling in 2017,...

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