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Posts about: new technology

Scientists are developing a new technology that tracks WiFi signals to identify if you are struggling to breathe

Technology is taking some amazing turns. Scientists are now working on a new technology that will...

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2022 Flashback in Technology

We live in an era when things are happening in a fast-forward fashion. Out of the several...

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YouTube Launched new feature, now you can Stream your favourite shows directly

YouTube new feature will allow you to stream your favorite shows from services including SHOWTIME,...

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WhatsApp new feature: Communities, In-Chat Polls, And More

WhatsApp is getting new features! Communities will begin rolling out to WhatsApp users today and...

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SpaceX launches 1st Falcon Heavy mission in 3 years

SpaceX launched its massive Falcon Heavy rocket for the first time in more than three years,...

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NASA to use 'torch' to find water on Earth’s satellite

NASA intend to launch a satellite that will detect the presence of water using a 'torch' or a...

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