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Global market for unique products by "Made-in-Kerala" brand

The State of Kerala is preparing to launch the "Made-in-Kerala" brand for its distinctive goods...

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Know How a Kerala Man Grows Microgreens in His Room and Earns 3 Lakh per Month

Ajay Gopinath, a Kerala resident, describes how he started a profitable business by growing...

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Month long campaign launched by Kerala govt. to make the state free of harmful substances

Kerala's government, led by Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, launched a month-long anti-drug...

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Keralan woman writes a true story, completed her secondary studies at age 73

73-year-old drama and film actor Leena Antony wrote the Malayalam examination of the 10th...

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Onam 2022: Festival Date, Rituals, History, and Significance of the day

Onam is a harvest festival celebrated primarily in the Indian state of Kerala. This year's Onam...

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Zoho invests in robotics , startup by Anand Mahindra, working to eliminate manual scavenging

On May 25, Zoho Corporation announced that it had invested Rs 20 crore in Genrobotics

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Kerala govt. encouraging marigold farming in Kochi ahead of Onam season

Kerala government has begun promoting marigold flower farming among locals in advance of the Onam...

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