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Google Cloud, eGov launched hub, connect ICU healthcare in remote hospitals

Google Cloud and e-Governments Foundation launched the first Tele-ICU hub.

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Power Electronics and Control of Electric Vehicles course will now offer by karnataka

National Institute of Technology - Karnataka (NIT-K) will offer M. Tech. in 'Power Electronics and...

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Karnataka govt aims to convert all buses into EVs by 2030

Karnataka Transport Minister stated that the state government's goal is to convert all 35,000 buses...

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Karnataka to launch the Cauvery 2.0 software to simplify property registration

Karnataka is planning to implement Cauvery 2.0 software in all sub-registrar offices across state...

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Karnataka govt. and IIM Bangalore will train 300 SC and ST women graduates in entrepreneurship

In collaboration, Government of Karnataka developed a training programme to teach entrepreneurship...

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Karnataka Jump Rope Association sets record for Double Dutch

Athletes of Karnataka Jump Rope Association in Hospete has written itself into the record books,...

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Karnataka Will Introduce Cow Adoption Program from Goshalas

Karnataka's state government will launch a cow adoption programme on July 28, according to Prabhu...

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