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Insights into the Indian education budget 2023

Get insights into the Indian education budget 2023 for education. How the Indian government aims to...

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How can STEM education impact a child's growth?

STEM education is essential for change and child development. STEM curricula emphasize analytical,...

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Why are educational institutions adopting the use of digital boards in the classrooms?

Combined education is becoming the norm. It combines traditional classroom instruction with online...

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States Should Train School Teachers In Teaching Hygiene Education To Children: Centre

India is dealing with hygiene and sanitation problems. That's why it is high time to impart...

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Physical Education Makes You Fit and Healthy

Physical education provides numerous advantages to a person. It can help one understand the value...

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Should yoga be included in physical education classes in public schools?

Yoga is seen as a powerful energy that enables one to think positively and move through life with...

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Education's Emerging Trends in 2022

To embrace this change, however, extensive research and study will be required.

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