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Posts about: waste

Bio CNG Plants: Gas made from waste! Car will run and chulhas can lit

Now the people of Delhi will get great convenience from organic waste. MCD is working on a plan to...

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Pune based startup converting wet waste to meaningful use

Pune-based full-stack agritech startup is converting wet food waste into free organic compost for...

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This school in India accepts plastic waste as its school fees; Know about the school

It is not uncommon for children to arrive at school with bags. Students at one Indian school,...

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Now the problem of polybag plastic waste solved, created Technology

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee has solved the problem of polybag plastic waste.

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India's largest single wall painting on sustainable waste management unveiled by KONE India in New Delhi

As part of their Green Dream Project, KONE Elevators India debuted their largest single wall...

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India's first road made of steel slag inaugurated from Surat

Union Minister of Steel, Ram Chandra Prasad Singh on 15 June inaugurated India's first six lane 1...

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