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By selling his artwork, a 12-year-old raises nearly Rs 12 lakh for charity

Arsh Pal, a 12-year-old artist from Dubuque, Iowa, has been selling his work since he was eight...

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Making it future-ready; Skywalk, helipad, and many other amenities made available at AIIMS

A climate-controlled skywalk for patients, a helipad for air ambulances, and quick elevators all...

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India’s DRDO Notched ‘Big Success’; Tests Interceptor for 2 tier ballistic Missiles defence shield

India’s DRDO, successfully tested the AD-1 interceptor missile, one of the two interceptor...

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People occupied govt land by 2018 will get land, can apply now

Till 2018 the government has given land on lease to these people living on government land.

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