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Now Aarogya Setu and CoWIN can be used for health issues other than Covid

The Centre is repurposing Aarogya Setu and CoWIN, the two digital health systems that were...

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Rama tulsi or Krishna tulsi: Which is healthier!

Tulsi, also known as holy basil, is an auspicious plant that also has numerous health benefits....

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These 5 books can help you to boost your emotional intelligence

To help you boost your emotional intelligence, these are the five books you should indulge yourself...

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Positivity: सफलता में प्लानिंग का होता है बड़ा रोल, जानें कैसे

अक्सर बड़े-बुजुर्ग कहते हैं कि अच्छी...

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Find out which herbs can manage sugar level for Type 1 and 2 diabetes’

Diabetes is common metabolic disorder. It is not possible to completely reverse the condition but...

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A study reveal drinking multiple cups of tea has various health benefits

According to a new study on the effects of drinking several cups of tea per day, the practise has...

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