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Union Minister presents INSPIRE Awards to 60 startups

Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh presented INSPIRE Awards to 60 startups, as well as financial...

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Ran 45 min to do urgent surgery, this doctor proved nothing is over someone’s life

A doctor in Bengaluru who abandoned his car after it became stuck in traffic and ran three...

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A successful businessman cleared NEET at age of 52 for a cause

A 52-year-old Ahmedabad businessman has surprised everyone by passing the toughest medical entrance...

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A Punjabi Pickle seller inspired many women and provided employment in the village

Kulwant Kaur, the founder of KKNS Products of India, may only be a 10th pass, but is a successful...

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Family of Civil Servants: Meet 4 Siblings Who Cracked UPSC CSE to Become IAS, IPS

Kshama, Yogesh, Madhavi, and Lokesh Mishra have made their family and Uttar Pradesh's Lalganj...

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It’s never too late! 85-year-old Gujarat man buys first car after success of his start-up

After ayurvedic hair oil business was successful, the elderly man bought his first car at the age...

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