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Posts about: Scholarship

Labour's son achieved 6th place in the world, received scholarship

When the flame of determination is at its brightest, it is difficult to extinguish it. It was...

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With admission in UG-PG, you can apply for these scholarships before 31st Oct 2022

Here are list of some scholarships for which you can apply now. You can apply for all these...

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Asia-Pacific Institute of Management Offers Rs 3.5 Crore Scholarship

The Asia-Pacific Institute of Management is offering Rs 3.5 crore in scholarships to applicants...

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Sheikh Hasina awards scholarships to children of Indian soldiers killed during Bangladesh Liberation War

Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina awarded Scholarship to childrens of Indian soldiers who died during...

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KC Mahindra Education Offers Rs 10,000 Scholarship to Underprivileged Students; Applications Are Now Open

The K. C. Mahindra Education Trust has issued an open call for applications for its annual Mahindra...

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SRIRAM’s IAS Announces Scholarships for Economically Backward Students

Srirams IAS, a coaching agency, has announced scholarships for deserving students based on their...

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UK, Jharkhand collaborate to create new scholarship programme for marginalised communities

The UK government signed MoU with Jharkhand to establish new scholarship programme for the state's...

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18 y/o UP Girl Awarded 100% Scholarship at US University, plans to Become Data Analyst

The 18-year-old from Pakri Godam village in Jaunpur district has been awarded a full scholarship...

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