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Posts about: Learning

How Artificial Intelligence is useful in learning and teaching?

Artificial intelligence has advanced our understanding of education into the future and beyond....

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Why are educational institutions adopting the use of digital boards in the classrooms?

Combined education is becoming the norm. It combines traditional classroom instruction with online...

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Education's Emerging Trends in 2022

To embrace this change, however, extensive research and study will be required.

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ई-लर्निग से बदलता शिक्षा का स्वरूप

शिक्षा जीवन की नींव होती है। और इस...

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An initiative by IAS officer raises the learning level of students in Sangli schools

Jitendra Dudi decided to launch the 'Learning Improvement Program (LIP)' in Sangli to improve...

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According to study, 'noise' can help improve learning potential

Though many of us prefer a quiet environment in which to study, 'noise' may be beneficial to some...

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upGrad for Business released Cube Learning Playbook, a corporate L and D handbook

upGrad for Business, the enterprise arm of upGrad, has launched the 'Cube Learning' playbook, a...

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