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Wipro allowed employees to unionise in Europe, 1st to do so

Wipro's employees that have been allowed to unionise belong to 13 countries including France,...

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Indian Students Surpass Chinese as the Largest Group of Foreign Students in The UK

According to data released by the UK Home Office, the number of visas granted to Indian students...

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India to get 'Tilting Trains' by 2025-26; new Vande Bharat Trains Being Manufactured

After high-speed bullet trains, India plans to introduce tilting trains by 2025-26. 100 trains are...

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Healthcare Financing in India: Why Health Insurance is Important?

Governments in India have developed various health insurance schemes to alleviate the burden of...

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AWS launches second infrastructure region in India, generate employment

AWS has launched its second infrastructure region in India, the AWS Asia Pacific (Hyderabad)...

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Know how to Grow Noni (Indian Mulberry) in Your Backyard from Bokaro Man

Noni, also known as the Indian Mulberry, is a native fruit that has been used by ayurvedic...

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