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Centre reduced Excise duty and VAT on Petrol and diesel

The government on May 21 cut excise duty on petrol by Rs 8 per litre and on diesel by Rs 6 per...

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India's First Hyperloop: Indian Railways and IIT Madras will team up

The Ministry of Railways has announced that Indian Railways is going to collaborate with IIT Madras...

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Meena Parmar : Nurse beats cancer and creates a work legacy

Meena Parmar head staff nurse of New Civil Hospital said that she ran away from home when her...

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What Makes Neuromorphic Computing So Exciting?

The human brain is the most powerful and efficient computer on the planet.

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Cardiac Devices Can Be Monitored From Afar

Several implantable devices have been developed as a result of rapid advances in information...

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Shirley Pillai, of Mumbai School Principal, Raised Rs 1 Cr Through Crowdfunding To Pay Students' Fees

The Shirley Pillai, principal of Powai English High School, a state board school in Mumbai has...

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BigHaat, an agribusiness platform, has launched an app in Tamil

On Thursday 19th may the agri-input platform BigHaat launched its Tamil-language mobile application...

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In just two years, ISRO has registered 55 space startups

ISRO's decision to open up its services and partnerships to the private sector has been a success

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PiyushGoyal will lead India at the WEF 2022 in Davos,Know about Davos

PiyushGoyal will lead India at the World Economic Forum in Davos from May 23-25. Davos is a global...

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