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You are currently viewing THE POWER OF MEDITATION

Today the field of education is very fascinating and interesting, and it builds the nation. With the right teachers we can change the future, the fate of a child, once and for all. How we groom students depends upon the attitude of the teachers,whetherthey are inspired or consider teaching as a burden and as a means to fulfil the financial needs of the family. Of course, thisis necessary too. But if you can add some spice to education, it will prove to be valuable. If I ask you who you remember the most from your schooldays, maybe one teacher will stand out. Similarly, there will be one college professor you wish you could meet again. Everyone has a story about their favourite lecturer who they give credit for with making them better people. 

What makes a man a man, a human being a human being? In yoga, we have this idea that we are gifted with energy whirlpools or psychic powers, psychic chakras starting with muladhara and going up to sahasra dal kamal.The first three chakras, muladhara, swadhisthana and manipura chakras, are basic in nature and are found even in the animal kingdom.

In a human being, it starts further up, the hridaya chakra comes next, then comes thekanta chakra here, then comes what they call the third eye and then comes the sahasra dal kamal. Thekanta chakra and the sahasra dal kamalare unique to human beings. The kanta chakra defines us, how we use the heart, how we play with the heart.  Some people play with a lot of love, some with a lot of disgust and hatred. This is not good and does not make us stand out as human beings. But how do we regulate these two chakras and make them better and more defined? It can be done only by the mind.

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