How to boost your mental health

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Your overall psychological well-being is referred to as “mental health.” It includes your self-esteem, the quality of your relationships, and your ability to manage your emotions and deal with difficulties.
Anyone can develop mental or emotional health issues, and many of us will do so over the course of our lives. One in every five Canadians struggles with mental illness or substance abuse.
These tips can help you elevate your mood, become more resilient and enjoy life more.

1. Make social connection a priority, especially face-to-face

Phone calls and social media have their uses, but nothing beats the stress-relieving and mood-boosting power of quality face-to-face time with others.

2. Maintain an active lifestyle

Staying active is beneficial to both the mind and the body. Regular exercise or activity can improve your mental and emotional health, relieve stress, improve memory, and improve your sleep.

3. Speak with someone

Speak with a friendly face. One of the most effective ways to calm your nervous system and relieve stress is to engage in in-person social interaction with someone who cares.

4. Use your senses to your advantage

Does listening to uplifting music make you feel at ease? Does squeezing a stress ball make you feel more grounded? What about going for a walk in the woods and taking in the sights and sounds of the trees? Everyone reacts differently to sensory input, so experiment to find out what works best for you.

5. Begin a relaxation routine

Yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and deep breathing can all help to lower overall stress levels.

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