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Diabetes is a common metabolic disorder that causes blood sugar levels to rise. While it is not possible to completely reverse the condition, you can certainly manage it by incorporating some essential natural herbs into your diet. Dr. Dixa Bhavsar, an Ayurvedic expert, took to Instagram to share a few such herbs and how you can use them to “manage your sugar levels for Type 2 and Type 1 diabetes.”


According to the expert, fenugreek is “one of the best Ayurvedic herbs for diabetes, obesity, and cholesterol due to its bitter taste and hot potency.” It lowers fasting blood sugar, improves glucose tolerance, and lowers total cholesterol, LDL, and triglycerides.

How to consume: On an empty stomach or before going to bed, take 1 teaspoon of fenugreek powder with warm water. Another option is to soak 1 teaspoon of seeds overnight and consume it with water the next morning on an empty stomach.

Black pepper

Dr. Bhavsar claims that black pepper improves insulin sensitivity and your body’s ability to lower blood sugar levels, in addition to preventing sugar spikes. It contains a critical ingredient called ‘piperine,’ which regulates the balance.

How to consume: Take 1 crushed black pepper with 1 teaspoon turmeric on an empty stomach or one hour before dinner.


It reduces insulin resistance and helps reduce blood sugar spikes after meals, adding that cinnamon is extremely beneficial in melting excess fat and keeping cholesterol in check.

How to consume: Mix 1 teaspoon cinnamon with half teaspoon turmeric and half teaspoon methi powder before consuming on an empty stomach. According to the Ayurvedic expert, you can also add a small piece of cinnamon to your herbal tea.


The combination of nisha (turmeric) and amalki (amla) is “one of the favourite diabetes formulations of ayurvedic doctors because it balances sugar levels, helps you feel energetic, reduces excess kapha, boosts your immunity, and even prevents diabetic complications,” she explained.

How to consume: Combine equal parts turmeric and amla powder and consume 1 teaspoon of this mixture on an empty stomach.


Ginger has anti-diabetic, hypolipidemic, and antioxidant properties. It also “improves metabolism and lowers fasting sugar as well as HbA1C,” according to Dr. Bhavsar.

How to consume: You can drink it as ginger tea before or after your meal. In addition, 1 tsp ginger powder can be mixed with Nisha-Amalki.

Ayurvedic expert added that all of these herbs can be combined too. “Half tsp methi, 1 black pepper (powder), a pinch of cinnamon, shunthi (dry ginger powder), and 1 tsp nisha-amalki – mixed together, can be had first thing in the morning.”

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