5 Foods Rich in Vitamin D

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Vitamin-D plays an important role in activating immune cells in the body, their production and strengthening of bones. Researchers suggest that vitamin D is important for immune function. Vitamin D may help to improve immune function and lower the risk of autoimmune diseases.

Here are 5 foods that are rich in Vitamin D:

Consuming vitamin D-rich mushrooms helps to maintain bone health. When exposed to UV light, mushrooms can synthesise vitamin D2. Vitamin D is only found in wild mushrooms or mushrooms treated with UV light.

Consume instant oatmeal if you are unable to get vitamin-D through sunlight and milk.

Fortified Milk
Drink fortified milk to meet vitamin-D deficiency, soy milk is also a source of vitamin-D for lactose-allergic people.

Consumption of protein-rich curd removes vitamin D deficiency in the body.

Orange along with Vitamin C also fulfills the deficiency of Vitamin D in the body. One cup (237 mL) of fortified orange juice with breakfast can start your day off with up to 
100 IU of vitamin D, or 12% of the DV.

Apart from foods sunlight is also necessary. Sun rays are a natural source of vitamin D; lukewarm sunlight in the morning is especially beneficial to the brain, eyes, and skin.

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